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74bI trained in romance languages, in social policy, and in urban/regional studies at the universities of Oxford, York and Birmingham. I work in urban, social and educational policy areas in research projects commissioned or funded by public agencies at local, national and European level. I work in English, French, German and Spanish and specialize in transnational project design, management and evaluation.

Policy fields
My work has focused on urban and social policy fields: spatial planning and urban design, social services, local economic development and employment, health promotion, as well as community empowerment and participation in society of social groups in danger of exclusion in cities. In addition I have been active in issues of environmentally compatible urban design and social and environmental sustainability.

Practice parameters
I cover the whole research process: definition and operationalisation of research objectives, project acquisition, design and costing, project implementation, monitoring, evaluation, reporting and dissemination. I have led and participated in teams co-ordinating and evaluating projects at national, European and transcontinental level.

Transnational scope
From my postgraduate research at the beginning of the 1980s I have been engaged in transnational projects. I have coordinated international teams of researchers as well as single-nationality teams researching multi-national contexts. My work has networked researchers and practitioners not only at European but also at transcontinental level. I value the learning opportunities and understand the operational difficulties of international research and networking.